Sometimes I like to play with my BBF for y ou guys.

Name: Suzie Age: 18 About Me: I’m a true EMO in ever sense of the world. I am shy and sometimes feel like I need and want someone to show me how to be treated properly. So far that hasn’t really happened. I am looking to explore the dark side with a mature man who is willing to show me the way. I need to be lead but I will please you in every way that you ask of me. 18 in age, I am 25 in maturity. Shy and Timid, I need someone to take control. I would not say that I am submissive only that there are things that I have yet to explore. I am only 18 after all. Let’s explore the BDSM World together. Are you my Mr. Grey? Please be patient and I will eventually become what you want. If this is a fantasy that you wish to explore please feel free to find me on sexting numbers.